[1 full explanation] FTMO Proprietary trading rules|How to make money with other people's money! ?

FTMO is an international proprietary trader, looking for amateur traders from all over the world. You can choose how much principal you want in your account. They pay the principal, they bear the risk, and you can divide the profit. This model is rare in China but very popular abroad. Many powerful foreign traders are fromStart this family. . .

What is FTMO?

FTMO is a financial technology (Fintech) company operating in the Czech Republic, Europe. In 2022, it obtainedThe highest-growing company among the top 50 high-tech companies in Europe by Deloitte, The services provided are Proprietary Trading Firm, so some people call this kind of company a proprietary trading firm.Foreign exchange dealers (Forex Prop Firm), you can also go to themOfficial websiteView the introduction to FTMO.

FTMO was originally a project implemented locally in Europe under the name “Ziskejucet.cz ”, translated from Slovak to English as "Profitable”, a transaction plan launched by three partners in Prague in 2014 and developed into a promotion in 2017. FTMO.com International version, hope to assist more tradersThere is better discipline and opportunities to obtain more capital.

Until now, it has a good reputation in terms of reputation, user experience, community management, and perfect service, and it is regarded as a leader in the industry.

This kind of "foreign exchange self-employed merchants" is one of the major categories of self-employed merchants. They mainly provide foreign exchange currency pairs as the main trading commodities, and similar funding models are also available. FundedNext, orOther rooms, While other categories also have self-employed merchants who focus on commodities, such as::Topstep Futures commodities are mainly used, but both belong to the way Funding Programs provide funds.

FTMO's Funding Programs are to find amateur traders who can make a profit and provide them with funds. If they make money, the traders can share the profits.

In simple terms, you can choose for yourself how much the principal of your account is, as long as you spend the registration fee, they will pay the principal, they will bear the risk, but you can share the profit!

Therefore, the risk control will be very strict in the initial assessment, and the initial registration fee will become more expensive as the account operation funds become larger.

This model gives people who have the technology to make a profit in the market, but lack funds, another choice, rather than using their hard-earned money to face market risks.

In addition, FTMO does not hold customer funds to trade, unlike a broker that needs to continuously develop customers, so it does not accept any deposits, which is the biggest difference from a broker.

Regarding the FTMO exam rules, I have divided them into two articles. This article is a complete introduction to the FTMO rules and processes, and the other is a special rules and supplementary instructions. After reading this article, it is strongly recommended to read the supplementary rules. There are many people who have already fouled or lost their original because they didn't figure out the rules to take the exam.Please don't easily ignore the rights and interests you deserve.

In addition, when you decide to register for the exam, it is also recommended to review the two articles of this article and the supplementary rules, as well as the message office (your question may have been encountered by someone), of course, you are also welcome to add this site to your collection.

Prop Firm Overview

Introduction to FTMO


FTMO official website

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+44 2033222983

FTMO Trader Interview

FTMO Exam Rules

FTMO Supplementary Rules

FTMO Registration Teaching

FTMO Frequently Asked Questions (Chinese)

FTMO free demo trading practice (performance can be tracked in the background)

FTMO directly register an account (no need to register and pay first)

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【Comparison】 FTMO vs. FundedNext

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FTMO promotions


What are the account types of FTMO?

Each self-employed company has its own set of criteria for designing account types. For example, there are different criteria for conditions such as how much the account amount should be set, the risk ratio, the maximum amount of loss on the day, the total amount of loss, the total target profit, the challenge period, and the registration fee. There are different criteria.

The account type of FTMO is only Normal. (The original Aggressive has been removed)

FTMO – Normal

FTMO normal

In the Normal mode, there are two stages to be assessed. After passing, you will get the real account. The principal of the real account is the amount of the initial demo account principal.

Then explain the detailed rules for different stages separately:

Registration stage

At the beginning, you must first choose the principal amount of the account: US 110,000, US225,000, US550,000, US。100,000, and US。 200,000.

Each type of principal amount will have its own corresponding rules, risk control, profit goals, and registration fees.

The registration fee isTake a one-time paymentInstead of a monthly payment system (some self-employed merchants pay on a monthly basis), if you pass the assessment of the next stage of one or two, after you get the real account, you will be able to pay on a monthly basis.The registration fee will be refunded in full when the real account is distributed for the first time.

Demo Account Stage 1 | FTMO Challenge

After selecting the principal amount of the account, then there is the real assessment link.

Then for convenience of explanation, the following uses the amount of US1100,000 as an example.

    • Maximum daily loss amount: US 55,000 (5%)

Calculating 5% from the principal is the maximum amount that can be lost every day. At any time of the day, if the loss exceeds US 5 5,000 and the net account balance is less than US 9 95,000 during floating losses or when the market is closed, the rules will be violated.

    • Maximum total loss: US 110,000 (10%)

Calculating 10% from the principal amount is the total amount of the maximum loss. At any time, if the loss exceeds US 1 10,000 and the net account balance is less than US 9 90,000 when the floating loss or the market is closed, the rules will be violated.

    • Challenge period: 30 days indefinitely

Starting from July 13, 2023, the time limit for the exam will be cancelled and the challenge time will be changed to unlimited.

    • Minimum number of trading days: 10 days 4 days

The minimum number of transaction days means that there must be at least 4 days of transaction records, which do not need to be continuous, not that the goal must be achieved within 4 days.

    • Target profit: US 110,000 (10%)

The proportion of total losses is the same as that of total losses. 10% of the principal is the target profit, and the goal must be achieved within the challenge period.

Demo account Stage 2 | Verification

In stage two onlyProfit Goals and Challenge periodsThere have been changes, and the other rules have not changed.

    • Challenge period: 60 days indefinitely

Starting from July 13, 2023, the time limit for the exam will be cancelled and the challenge time will be changed to unlimited.

    • Target profit: US 55,000 (5%)

Calculating 5% from the principal is the target profit, and the goal must be achieved within the challenge period.

Live account

After passing the two stages of the demo account, you will get the real account, and the principal amount is the principal amount of the account you selected at the beginning.

After the start of the real account, there will be no target profit and pressure during the challenge. As long as the previous rules are not violated, the real account will always be the real account and will not be returned to the demo account.

AndThe profit-sharing ratio of the real account is 80%, which means that from this moment on, 80% is the lowest profit-sharing ratio.

If you make a profit, you can get it the first time you withdraw money: 80% of the profit from the real account + full refund of the registration fee.

Scaling Plan

There is no challenge period and profit target for real accounts, but ifIn the real account, the 10% profit target has been reached within 4 consecutive months, and the funds have been withdrawn twice., You will get better conditions.

    • Amount of account funds: +25%

From the initial account limit of +25%, the Normal mode can be increased to up to 2 million US dollars (2000K).

    • Profit-sharing ratio: 90%

Once the conditions of the expansion plan are successfully met, the profit distribution will increase from 80% to 90%, and the 90% profit distribution conditions will apply in the future.

Registration rules and fees








$10,000 美元

$25,000 美元

$50,000 美元

$100,000 美元

$200,000 美元
































155 歐元

250 歐元

345 歐元

540 歐元

1,080 歐元


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FTMO trading environment

    • Provide trading commodities

FTMO offers a variety of commodities, foreign exchange, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and bonds can all be traded. For detailed commodity codes, please refer toOfficial product description

    • Leverage

The default leverage ratio is 1:100.

However, there are two leverage options in the Normal mode, and the conditions attached to different levers are also different.

The leverage of the default mode is 1:100, with the condition that the data cannot be traded before and after the release, cannot be traded on holidays, and cannot be held overnight; the leverage of the Swing mode is 1:30, with the condition that the data can be traded before and after the release, on holidays, and the position can be held overnight.

It should be noted that in the two levels of the exam after paid registration, no matter which type you choose (default or Swing), you can stay overnight, trade on weekends, and trade before and after the data is released! When the exam is passed, these three conditions will be officially activated.

FTMO swing

    • Withdrawal and collection method

You can withdraw funds from the customer's back office at the end of the trading cycle, and you can set it to be withdrawn every 2 weeks or every month.

Supported payment methods include bank wire transfer, Visa, BTC deposit, etc. For details, please checkOfficial website

FTMO Premium Program (Premium Program)

FTMO Premium Program It is based on the Normal assessment challenge, not another assessment model other than the Normal challenge.

This is a plan to select the elites among the elites from among the traders who can make a stable profit, give more special treatment, and provide elite retail traders with the opportunity to become professional traders-enter the traditional proprietary trading company Quantum.

IN the advanced plan, IT IS DIVIDED INTO THREE levels: LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, AND QUANTUM LEVEL. (You can also refer to FTMO official description)



  • There have been no failed or violated accounts in the past 4 months (reviewed according to each FTMO account)
  • Aggressive mode account not applicable
  • Achieve 4 withdrawals on a single order, and each time the profit is divided into at least 4% of the profit in the account before the withdrawal (calculated from the initial balance), the withdrawal cycle may not be continuous

PRIME STATUS benefits:

  • 1 free FTMO assessment challenge, the scale is the same as the approved FTMO account
  • The maximum capital allocation is extended to US 6600,000
  • Unlock eligibility to purchase a FT400,000 FTMO Challenge account (10% discount applicable)
  • Profit sharing upgraded to 90%
  • 10% discount for subsequent new purchases of accounts
  • 15% discount on goods in FTMO e-commerce
  • 5% bonus for subsequent FTMO account transfers (withdraw after 30 calendar days)
  • Exclusive Prime Traders customer service
  • Issue a special certificate


  • There have been no failed or violated accounts in the past 4 months (reviewed according to each FTMO account)
  • Must have a 400K sub-profit account (you can purchase 2 200K or 1 400K during the Prime qualification phase)
  • In the Prime state for at least 3 months, and there are 3 withdrawals in the Prime stage, the account has at least 4% profit (calculated from the initial balance) before each profit sharing withdrawal, and the withdrawal cycle may not be continuous.


  • Continue the treatment of all Prime
  • The maximum capital allocation was expanded and upgraded to US 11 million
  • Can apply for withdrawal immediately
  • Cancel the Maximum Daily Loss rule (Maximum Daily Loss)
  • Get the opportunity to enter Quantitlane (further evaluation is still required)
  • Entity Achievement Badge
  • Exclusive goods

Qualification: Passed the assessment (undisclosed)

Tantlane benefits:

  • 2-year fixed salary contract
  • Become a Quintlane team
  • Trading bonus draw
  • Institutional trading environment conditions and customized platform tools
  • More internal resources and training
  • Dispatched to Prague Trading Station, provide relocation package (Relocation package)

Comparison of FTMO with other self-employed merchants

Comparison of FTMO and FundedNext
























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FundedNext registration discount

於報名頁面  Coupon code 輸入【pfx168】即可享有 -7% 報名費優惠

Comparison of FTMO and E8 Funding




























Extended reading: Complete FTMO and E8 Funding comparison

E8 Funding registration discount

Enter [REB8] in the Discount code on the registration page to enjoy an 8% discount on the registration fee (Only applicable to E8 Account and ELEV8 Account modes)

Comparison of FTMO and The5%ers





























80%(擴展 90%)


100K: 50%-75%

250K: 50%-100%

Extended reading: Comparison of complete FTMO and The5%ers

The5%ers 報名優惠 (Discount link)

You must click on the discount link (no discount code), and a -5% discount on the registration fee will be automatically brought in on the checkout and payment page.


FTMO self-employed evaluation

This company was discovered by myself one day when I was studying a company with a similar model. This means that there are other companies, but why I chose this company is because in terms of evaluation in all aspects, it is more guaranteed, the profit-sharing incentive is high enough, the rules are reasonable and so on. Comprehensive judgment. Sort out the following reasons why I chose FTMO.

FTMO provides simulated trading for 14 days at a time. You can choose the size of the funds you want to practice your trading strategy. Charts and data are also provided in the background to track performance. Although simulated trading is purely for practice, there are also profit targets. The number of days and the daily risk control/total risk control fields can be viewed.You can check your status during the simulated transaction. If you meet the standards and successfully clear the customs, you can challenge the paid registration exam again. After the customs clearance, you can get the company's funds.

    • Instant customer service

If you encounter problems, in addition to using FTMO's mailbox, you can also go directly to them.Official websiteOr log in to your background to find real-time customer service to ask. Even if you encounter problems on holidays, you can still ask directly. I think it's very easy to use, but because you have to ask them in English, you can use Google Translate to communicate with them. No problem.

    • Platform diversification

It provides MT4, MT5, Ctrader and other platforms to use, as well as its own app to instantly monitor the data of its own account. Like me, I am used to using the MT5 platform for trading, while most other companies provide MT4 only.

    • Full refund of the registration fee

The registration fee is a one-time payment. As long as you pass the subsequent assessment, the full registration fee will be refunded and the first profit will be paid.

    • Dedicated account manager

It is very important to have your own dedicated manager. Sometimes you can't find customer service staff when you encounter problems. The most direct is the dedicated manager, which can also avoid privacy issues.

    • Community management

Most of these types of self-employed merchants are of an international nature. Most of the people who become traders are distributed all over the world. It takes careful management to bring all traders together. Like their team, they often visit how some successful amateur traders trade. FTMO Trader Interview Series, Traders are also very selfless in sharing their operations and trading ideas, which is of great help to the entire community.

Many self-operated merchants also have videos of the nature of interviewing traders of a similar nature, but from the host's question, the trader's preparation, whether the trader's picture is synchronized with the trading strategy being explained, the post-production of the film and other aspects of observation and comparison, FTMO really cares a lot.

    • Committed to protecting the rights and interests of customers

In My Forex Funds eventAfter that, a statement was issued for the first time to the effect that FTMO services were not affected in any way after the incident, and it regularly communicates with various regulatory agencies and establishes a good compliance environment to protect customers. It also actively cooperates with various payment platforms in order to disperse the risk of uncooperative withdrawal payers.

The original text is as follows:

Update Regarding Recent Developments and Our Commitment to Your Trading Experience.

We are aware of the situation with My Forex Funds. However, as we have no further information on the matter, other than what was published, we are unable to comment on the situation. In light of this matter, we would like to assure you our services remain unaffected and you are welcome to continue trading with us as usual.

As we operate globally, we are regularly communicating with various regulators regarding their inquiries in connection with the provision of our services. We have never been subject to any freezing orders from regulators. As you may have noticed, we are working hard to build strong compliance environment to protect our clients. Currently, most of our assets are held with reputable financial institutions within European Union and in order to manage any related risks, we use various payment providers.

    • Information transparency

In My Forex Funds event After the incident, FTMO put the slogan at the bottom of the website: "All accounts used are demo accounts with virtual funds, and any transactions are only carried out in a simulated environment." It is also because after MFF was accused before, all platforms have been more careful about whether the information passed to customers is transparent., Even if you didn't intend to deceive customers, you can avoid being accused of false charges.

    • Acquisition of local traditional self-employed merchants Quantlane

In early 2023, FTMO launched the acquisition process of Quintlane, which will be formal by mid-November.Complete the acquisition。 Founded in 2014, Quintlane is a traditional proprietary trading company composed of traders, mathematicians, and developers. It conducts market transactions entirely through company funds and does not have any market customers.

Unlike Quintlane, most of the customers of the new type of self-operated FTMO are retail Traders. Therefore, in order to help traders be more successful and professional, the acquisition of Quintlane is included in the new type of self-operated FTMO. FTMO Advanced PlanThe last mile in it paves the way for FTMO traders to become professional institutional traders.

This also shows that FTMO takes the business it operates seriously, as well as the consistency of its commitment to customers and its own vision.

Who is suitable for FTMO?

If you have been using the simulated position to practice for a period of time, the result is not bad, you have the technology, but you lack funds, you can also pay to sign up for the FTMO trader assessment, after the exam, they will give you an account, they pay the principal, they bear the risk, but the profit can be divided.

FTMO can be said to be a leader in the industry. Regardless of the comprehensive assessment of reputation, rationality of rules, completeness of community management, and the voice of traders around the world, I only recommend FTMO.

If you are one of the following types of people, you can consider using this model.

    • Have technology but lack funds

    • Want to train different stages of mentality at a higher level

    • Don't want to risk losing your principal

    • Want to establish your own trading discipline

    • People who don't do a good job of risk control (because FTMO's risk control is very strict)

How to start an FTMO account?

    • Step 1

First use the demo account they provide for 14 days to practice. The biggest difference between this and the demo account of a broker is that during the use of the demo account, FTMO will provide you with the statistics of the account, such as the average risk-reward ratio (RRR), Win Rate (Win Rate), etc., these are allTheir system automatically calculates it for you, and you can see it from logging in to the background. This data can clearly understand your problem status, which I think is quite useful.

It is recommended to use their demo account to practice the operation first, and it will not be too late to sign up until you are sure that you can make a profit.

    • Step 2

understand FTMO Exam Rules, The rules, risks, profit targets, periods, etc. of different models and stages, after all, if you want to trade with other people's money, you need to comply with their regulations.

It is also recommended to directly use their rules to practice the demo account. After you are familiar with it, you will pay to sign up, and risk control will naturally be a reflex action.

    • Step 3

Choose the type of account you want, the amount of funds in the account, and choose the one that suits you after understanding the rules of Step 2. It is recommended to choose the same principal amount as the simulated position, which will be similar in mentality and bearability.

    • Step 4

Register for a free FTMO account and start the simulation phase. All the details have been explained earlier. If necessary, you can save this article and come back to read it when you need it.

After signing up, there will be a dedicated account manager. You can also contact him directly if you have any questions, but they must be all in English. You can also use Google Translate during the communication process.

    • Step 5

At the end of the demo account practice, if you feel that you still need to practice, you can apply for a demo account to practice again. There is no upper limit; and if you feel that you can take the exam, you can choose the same account as the demo account to register for a fee.

Maintaining the regulations and consistency of transactions, and trading without violating the regulations is a good initial goal. Of course, you can also take the refund of the registration fee as the goal. After successfully passing the exam, you can trade the funds given by the company at zero cost.


The above steps are for reference only. If you want to pay directly to register for FTMO, you can directly choose Step 5 to register.

Regardless of whether FTMO is opening a demo account or paying for registration, you need to firstCreate a unified FTMO account, You can link to your Google, FB, or Apple account to create it, and you only need to select it when you enter the account background. Free Trial for demo account or Pay to sign up for FTMO Challenge for accounts of different specifications

Various QA's about Forex prop firm


FTMO has organized a series of question sets, including understanding FTMO, evaluation process, exam rules, trading platform, FTMO account, order and billing, application services and other categories, you can refer to the official frequently asked questions link below.

However, because it is information in English, I have another frequently asked questions in Chinese, which are translated and retouched, as well as my experience in each question and other people's questions and answers, so I also added "Other Questions" to my FTMO frequently asked questions to consolidate everyone's comments in the article..

The problems you encounter may have been encountered and solved by others. Welcome to check them out. The search function in the article can only be effectively executed by entering the English software plug-in because of the website plug-in. It is recommended that you go to the corresponding category to check it out first.

Official FTMO Frequently Asked Questions

Xiaosheng organizes FTMO frequently asked questions and other people's questions

What is Proprietary Trading? What is Proprietary Trading?

Foreign exchange dealersIt is a kind of proprietary trading model. Companies use their own funds to trade. Some companies will have special self-employed departments, or the company itself is a trading company with self-employed attributes.

Since a company wants to make money in the market, in addition to relying on the company's own shareholders or employees, it can also design a set of models and rules, find people who will make money in the market, and provide account funds to help make money. Making money can be divided into profits, while losing money is borne by the company. This model has been in use abroad for many years., But it is not so popular in China.

What is the difference between a foreign exchange dealer and a foreign exchange broker?

A foreign exchange broker is an investor who uses his own funds to deposit into an account opened by a broker, and the risks, profits and losses of the account are all borne by himself; andForeign exchange dealersIt is the investors who go to a self-employed company to participate in their assessment. After the examination, they use their account to trade. They bear the risks and losses of the account, but the profits can be divided.
























  • 爆倉(損失所有本金)

  • 遇到詐騙經紀商



  • 想全權管控自有資金

  • Use EA program to trade

  • 有技術但缺乏資金

  • 想在高資金下練交易心態

  • 想要穩健成長投資人

  • Some self-employed merchants support EA

Does Forex Prop Firms only offer forex as trading instruments?

Trading commodities are mainly foreign exchange currency pair commodities, but there are still commodities other than currency pairs such as indices and precious metals, such asFTMO self-employed, And the trading commodities provided by each self-employed merchant are also very different.

Are prop firms a scam?

No, but there will be many self-employed merchants who are mixed with fish and fish, so the research on self-employed merchants is very important.

I also trade foreign exchange margin myself, so I know that there are many scams in the broker industry. I have compiled an article before.How brokers crack scams, But after I learned about the model of self-employed merchants, I found that the operating models of the two are different, and they also need to be studied more, such as brokers that cooperate with self-employed merchants (here you can see the difference between the two models from "self-employed merchants need to cooperate with brokers"), but also to understand their rules, user reviews,All aspects of experience, etc., are areas where you need to do your homework.

Regarding whether it is a scam, in order to verify that I have spent a lot of time sorting out and collecting the information of these self-employed merchants (fortunately, they are all very public), plus I and many friends around me are using it, so it is currently known that it is not a scam.

At present, the self-employed business I use by myself has this one, but my friends around me have been using other homes for a while, and they have not encountered any problems in dividing profits and withdrawing funds. In the future, I will organize an article on this issue if I have the opportunity. Article.

Why have I rarely heard of prop firms?

Most people who come into contact with foreign exchange margin should be mainly brokers (brokerages), but this self-operated model is quite popular abroad. Many successful foreign traders started from this model. They first use their rules to help them develop trading discipline, and after a period of trading, they haveDivide the profit funds, and then go to the broker to open an account and operate with your own funds.

What is the difference between a foreign exchange dealer and a self-owned fund?

If you open an account with a broker, you put in your own principal. All risks are borne by the investors. In addition, you also need to prevent fraudulent brokers from allowing withdrawals, black-hearted spreads, fake brokers, fake customer service and other issues. You really need to do your own homework.

The self-employed model is to register with the self-employed company and after the assessment, they will give you a sum of funds, and you will help them trade. All losses will be borne by the company (the most is the loss of the registration fee), and when you make a profit, you can get a share of the profit. All the problems that may be encountered in the broker are handled by the company.Worry, and investors just need to concentrate on the rules and profit.

Which foreign exchange dealer should I choose?

There are about dozens of foreign exchange dealers in the world, but I and my friends around me have used at least 4 of them, while I have used 2 of them myself. And each self-operated foreign exchange company has its own examination regulations, profit sharing ratio, risk control standards, and other items such as supported trading platforms, retake rules, registration fees, etc., There are too many details, you can refer toSelf-employed guideFind the one that suits you.

How much does it cost to apply for a Funding Plan?

The registration fee of each self-employed company will vary depending on the comprehensive assessment of account funds, rules, profit target setting, challenge period, etc. The minimum FTMO is 155 euros for a Normal account, and the account limit is 10,000 U.S. dollars.

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  1. Hello, Forex Niche, I would like to ask you a few questions about FTMO that you don't understand. Thank you!

    1. Take Type 44 as an example. The maximum loss is 10%, 10,000 US dollars. Suppose you lose 500 US dollars on the first day, and the daily loss will return to 5,000 US dollars tomorrow. You can trade. The maximum total loss is deducted by 500 US dollars, and the remaining 9,500 US dollars, right?

    After the loss on the first day, trading for 9 consecutive days was profitable, and the maximum total loss was still 9,500 U.S. dollars. Won't it change back to 10,000 U.S. dollars?

    How can the maximum total loss change back to the original 10,000 U.S. dollars?

    2. Issues of warehouse retention and data release
    Mentioned above, it says
    Swing mode leverage is 1:30, you can trade before and after the data is released, on holidays, and stay overnight.

    It is mentioned below that only the two types of mock exams are allowed to skip the three attached conditions, but after the exam, the above three conditions cannot be touched if they are officially enabled? ?

    How long will it be impossible to trade before and after the data is released?

    If there are already band orders before the data is released, the cost is far away, will swing 1/30 have to close the position before the data is released? Can you still keep the warehouse?

    3. The issue of profit sharing and refund of examination fees

    After the exam, but there is no profit yet, the registration fee needs to be refunded together for the first withdrawal, or can it be refunded separately?

    How much profit can I make before I can withdraw the money?
    How long will the withdrawal be received?

    4. Unlimited free retake
    As long as you don't violate the law, you can retake the exam indefinitely.,
    Demo account Stage one Challenge
    There are no violations within 30 days but the goal is not reached. Can I retake the exam for free for the same account? ?
    As above, there are no violations. Isn't it possible to retake the exam indefinitely?
    Why can Challenge only retake the exam once for free? You also mark the yellow line in particular

    I really trouble you if you want to know.
    Excuse me, thank you! !

    • 1.
      Are you talking about a type 1 10,000 account? And are you talking about a Normal type of account? The calculation of the loss or maximum loss on the day is measured in terms of net value. If the profit on the day is US4400 (the position has been closed), then the amount that can be lost on the day will be US9900 (5% loss space of 400+10,000), and the total loss can be borne (US11,400).
      (1) Yes, overnight, weekend and data transactions are allowed during the examination stage (regardless of whether swing is selected or not), but if swing is not selected but overnight, weekend and data transactions are not selected after the examination, it would be a violation of regulations, which means that the official is more flexible during the examination stage. Once the examination has passed, the official will be more flexible.That is to follow the rules.
      (2) No transactions can be made 2 minutes before and after the data is announced!
      (3) If it is swing mode, you can trade overnight, weekend, and data. If you say that the band order should have been left overnight, then it is no problem, and you can continue to hold it after the data is released.
      (1) The registration fee is refunded together with the first withdrawal.
      (2) It is stipulated that a minimum of US220 can be withdrawn (the profit after the profit is divided). If the withdrawal is cryptocurrency, the minimum withdrawal limit is US550.
      (3) Generally speaking, it takes 3 working days, but according to the selected withdrawal method, it can be as slow as 2 weeks in just a few minutes.
      Whether it is in the Normal or Aggressive account type, and whether it is in the first stage of Challenge or the second stage of Verification, as long as it does not violate the rules, you can retake the exam for free unlimited times!
      The article is incorrect information, sorry for misleading you, it has been corrected!

      Thank you for your question. It is true that some details are not mentioned in the article. The article information will be updated again!

  2. Will the account be directly withdrawn as long as the position or overnight transaction is retained after the official account is obtained?

    • If you don't choose swing, you can't keep a position (swing can keep a position). If you keep a position, you will be disqualified as a trader even if you violate the rules, and you will have to retake the exam.

  3. Hello,
    I haven't been able to figure out the meaning of the existence of the Aggressive model. What is the meaning?
    For example, if I intend to choose a 100K aggressive account, wouldn't I just skip the first level and choose a 200K normal account? Because not only are all the conditions the same, but even the registration fee is the same. Or did I miss something?

    • Hello, the registration fees and rules for accounts with the same fund size as Normal and Aggressive are different.
      For the same example, the registration fee for 100k in Normal is 540 euros/in Aggressive is 1080 euros, which is 1 times the difference; in addition, the maximum daily loss and maximum loss standards are also different, and the standard of Aggressive is a bit looser than Normal. Customs clearance is easier, so the registration fee is relatively more expensive. Before you sign up, you must first figure out the rules of the different modes~

      • sorry! Maybe I didn't express it well and let you misunderstand my question.,
        I understand that the two modes of the same level account are completely different,
        And my question is mainly about the comparison between the two levels of accounts…
        Or I said hello~ if today I have decided in advance that I want to spend 1,080 euros to sign up for an account, then what is the incentive for me not to choose a 200K normal account and choose a 100k aggressive account instead?

        • The incentive for aggressive is that risk control is looser. For the same example, some people may feel that the risk control of Normal day 5%/total 10% is too strict, and they will consider the risk that they may violate the rules and lose the opportunity to obtain a real position, and they will retreat and choose Aggressive day 10%/total 20% risk control, although the registration feeThe same, but the size of the funds is smaller than Normal, but the chance of passing the exam to obtain a real position is greater.

          • Yes, the reason why members choose various accounts of different levels and modes is that the focus is on "risk control", so whether it is 5%/10% of 200K normal or 10%/20% of 10K aggressive, the amount of risk control converted by them is 10000/20000 vs 10000/20000., Even after the expansion plan reaches the final ultimate account (2 million and 1 million), the converted risk control amount is still the same as 100,000/200,000 vs 100,000/200,000.
            That's why I want to say that since it's all the same, why don't I just buy a 200K normal account? Maybe it has the advantage of having more orders!

          • If it is about the amount of risk control, the two converted amounts are indeed the same, but if the trading plan is taken into account, the number of risk% will be required to push back the number of control lots. If 5% of the day and 10% of the day are in the same trading plan, the size of the lots that can be placed by the two pushback must be different.
            In addition, if it is aggressive, there is no Swing mode to choose from. This is inherently restricted (choose an account at the beginning). If compared with Normal with Swing, the leverage is relatively high (1:100), the advance payment is small, and the maximum number of lots that can be accommodated is also large.

          • Leverage(1:100);(1:30) This seems to be used in foreign exchange, but futures don't seem to have this kind of thing?

          • The two types of leverage of 100 times/30 times are mainly based on foreign exchange currency pairs, while different commodities such as PRECIOUS metals or futures and other CFD commodities will have different leverage ratios. Overall, the preset leverage will be higher than swing's. For detailed leverage ratios, please refer toOfficial product detailsTo view, you can select the product you want to view in the ”Symbol Specifications & Trading Hours” field. ”Leverage NORMAL” in the product ”Information” represents the default mode/ ”LEVERAGE SWING" is the swing mode.

  4. Sorry, I would like to ask the junior student, if you pass the 10,000 U.S. dollars exam at the beginning and get the fund account, can you continue to take the higher fund account, or will there be a restriction that one person can only have an account?

    • Hello, under a registered account, the maximum total capital Normal is 400,000; Aggressive is 200,000. However, only one fund can be tested at a time, so after clearing customs and getting a real position, you can test other funds to merge.

  5. Hello, after I got the real account, I saw that there is an end day. Does it mean that the account will be reset every month? Will I be disqualified if my account is at a loss at the end of the month?

    • Yes, it will be reset to the size of the funds in the account purchased at the time every month. If the account is at a loss, as long as it does not violate the minimum loss rule (DD&MDD), the account can be maintained without disqualification.

  6. I would like to ask that I have already taken the exam on the first day and I was scared that the spread came to 147 GBPUSD. I used XM to trade by myself. The spread is only 9....

    I asked the customer service that this is a floating spread. Would you like to ask if there are other platforms that are fixed spreads and similar to obtaining trading funds?

    • In addition to the design of the spread itself, the reasons that affect the spread will also vary due to market liquidity or non-trading hot periods. Try to avoid unpopular periods of trading. The rest of the time I use it is quite normal, not to exaggerate. For other companies, please refer toSelf-employed company

  7. Is there a plug-in available for MT4/5, such as FX Blue Labs' auxiliary EA? I have applied for a DEMO but I don't see relevant resources in the BACKGROUND, so every time I place an ORDER, I have to manually calculate the position and so on.

  8. Hello, I want to know if the maximum losses of 5% and 10% stipulated by it are dynamic or fixed? For example, in my account of 100,000 US dollars, I made a profit of 6,000 US dollars on the same day. Is the maximum loss on the next day calculated at 5% of 106,000 US dollars, or is it fixed at 5% of 100,000 US dollars? If the account grows to US1110,000 in the future, the maximum loss is 10%. Is it calculated based on the initial US1100,000 or the current US美元110,000? Hope to answer, thank you

  9. Hello, Xiao Sheng, thank you very much for your article. I would like to ask about the customs clearance part. Originally, there was a deadline of 30/60 days. It should be to evaluate whether the conditions have been met to determine whether the customs clearance is successful. Now it has been changed to no deadline. If the first level, whether the number of trading days is more than 4 days, the profit exceeds 10%,And there is no violation (the daily loss is less than 5%), will the customs clearance be successful as soon as the conditions are met?
    For example, in daily trading, the daily loss is less than 4%, and the profit of 12% is reached at the end of the fourth day. Does this directly pass the customs on the fifth day?

    Thank you

    • Yes, without violating the loss rules, if you achieve the profit goal and complete the minimum number of trading days, you will clear the customs. The cancellation of the challenge period is to give traders more time to challenge. If they can clear the customs in the fastest time, they don't need to care about whether there is a challenge period or not.

      • Thank you very much for Xiaosheng's reply.

        On 9/1, MFF stopped operating without warning, and I was dumbfounded because I just went to apply for the 100,000 warehouse on 8/20. Would it be possible for Xiaosheng FTMO to encounter the same situation? Because I also want to go to FTMO, but I am a little worried. I want to hear Xiaosheng's opinion, thank you

        • I believe many people are very surprised. The three-party liquidity providers that MFF is mainly accused of using are lies. If you pay attention to the development of this matter, you can refer toThis commentary
          At this stage, if you want to open another company, it is recommended to avoid self-employed companies registered in the United States and Canada, and to choose a compliant tripartite liquidity provider. Although FTMO is a European company and uses its own liquidity provider, it is uncertain whether there will be any new actions by regulatory agencies in various countries. If you are more active, you can first open a small capital account and try it. Be conservative.You can wait and see until there is clearer news on this matter before taking the next step.

  10. Hi, foreign exchange student, it's a great commentary to share. I have a few questions I want to ask.

    1. For example, if you get a real account transaction for an account of 10,000 U.S. dollars after customs clearance, if you violate the daily loss of 5% or the maximum loss of 10%, will you be removed from the real account? In this case, is it possible that every time the real account violates the rules, you have to pay 155 euros again to challenge it again? Can the exam fee be transferred to their bank account by bank transfer?

    2. I am quite curious about FTMO's operating model. The challenger only needs to pay a minimum of 155 euros in registration fee. After completing the challenge, FTMO will give 10,000 U.S. dollars to fund the transaction. Then the challenger will get 10,000 U.S. dollars in the first transaction after the real account is 10,000 U.S. dollars. If the first transaction is all-in at 10,000 U.S. dollars, the position will explode. Then FTMO is not at a loss.business?

    3. Assuming that you initially complete the挑战10,000 challenge and get a real account, and then you want to increase the amount of funds, I have read your message saying that you need to pay the exam fee again and challenge another fund account. If you get the exam, you can merge with the original帐户10,000 account. ,Do you mean that? Thank you!

    • 1. Yes, after customs clearance, it means that it is eligible to trade a real account, and it will be disqualified if it violates the law. Bank remittance is possible, but it takes about 3 to 5 days.
      2. So in fact, they are not giving real funds, traders just get real "account numbers".
      3. Yes, increase funds by consolidating accounts.

  11. Hello, Xiao Sheng, I would like to ask about the FTMO Expansion plan's "Achieve 10% for four consecutive months and withdraw funds twice". Does this narrative mean that you can only withdraw funds twice in four months? Or do you withdraw money at least twice in four months?

    Thank you

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