Prop Firm Goat Funded Trader Relaunches MetaTrader 4 Platform After Four-Month Interruption

Goat Funded Trader Returns to MetaTrader 4

Clients of Goat Funded Trader (GFT) can now once again access the MetaTrader 4 platform, which has reopened after a four-month suspension.

According to information shared on GFT's media channels, this restoration was achieved through the implementation of "internal technology." Simultaneously, the company has unveiled a redesigned website.

Goat Funded Trader was among the companies that lost access to MetaQuotes trading platforms in February 2024 due to licensing issues.

GFT, along with several other firms including Funded Engineer, AquaFunded, and The Funded Trader, had been using Purple Trading's services. These companies utilized MetaTrader licenses in a white-label model for their prop trading operations.

However, MetaQuotes began cracking down on prop trading businesses, forcing Purple Trading to terminate services to GFT and other partner companies. While these firms switched to alternative platforms, the discontinuation of MetaTrader 4/5 undoubtedly inconvenienced many retail traders.

According to information shared on X (formerly Twitter), GFT has resolved its licensing issues after four months and can now offer MT4 platform access to its clients again through the implementation of its own technological solution.

Additionally, Goat Funded Trader showcased its redesigned website.

Source: Goat Funded Trader Official Website

On its Discord channel, the company earlier announced the return of MetaTrader and claimed to have paid out a total of $2.6 million in profit splits to funded traders.

Source: Goat Funded Trader Discord

Prop Trading Firm Market in Flux

The world of prop trading is changing rapidly, with news of new companies launching and others closing down seemingly every week.

For instance, in early June, FX/CFD broker joined the ranks of companies in this industry, deciding to offer prop trading to its clients within a licensed entity.

Just a few days ago, Alpha Capital banned 150 of its traders on suspicion of improper group trading activities.

At the end of May, SurgeTrader shut down after losing its MetaTrader license, followed by the loss of its Match-Trader license as well.

Reference:Prop Firm Goat Funded Trader Reintroduces MetaTrader 4 After Four-Month Hiatus