Ranking of Prop Firms - Most Trusted Prop Firm

The most trusted prop firm

Have an excellent reputation in terms of withdrawal records, etc.

A trustworthy prop firms need:

  • Normal withdrawal
  • The establishment time is relatively long
  • Transparent rules, no hidden rules
  • Trusted by many traders
  • Have a clear vision for the company's development

The purpose of voting for trustworthy prop firms here is to make prop firms who are trustworthy in all aspects stand out.

Vote for trustworthy prop firms

Click next to the name of the prop firm to vote for the prop firm, and click on the picture to view the introduction of the prop firm company.

  • Voting system: one person has a minimum of 0 votes and a maximum of 3 votes.

Finally, remember to slide to the bottom to send out the voting results, you can also select the results to view everyone's voting results.

See More Prop Firms Voting Features

Best customer service

For example, customer service processing speed and problem solving ability

The best prop firm allows EA

Allows traders to use automated trading programs (Expert Advisor) during the challenge and funding phases

The best prop firm allows copy trading

Traders can copy other people or their own trading accounts