CEO of Prop Firm My Flash Funding Addresses Payout Concerns

Responding to Payment Adjustments and Rule Violations

Recently, Blake Carter, CEO of prop trading firm My Flash Funding, took to social media to address concerns about the company fulfilling its payment obligations to traders. Carter emphasized the importance of directly addressing these issues and claimed that the allegations were unfounded.

Carter stated that there was only one instance where payments needed adjustment due to technical issues, affecting a small group of individuals. In these cases, the company provided full refunds and compensation, ensuring that traders did not suffer any financial losses.

He posted on Discord: "We fully understand that there are rumors and negative perceptions about payments. Currently, fewer than 50 traders are waiting for payments, with the longest wait time being two weeks, not a month as some have claimed."

Furthermore, Carter pointed out that there were only a few cases where payments were denied due to clear violations of the company's trading rules. Despite these instances, Carter emphasized that My Flash Funding has fulfilled the vast majority of payment requests.

The Rise of Prop Trading and the Regulatory Environment

Crystal Lok, OANDA's Head of Emerging Markets, recently expressed high expectations for the growth prospects of prop trading. Lok noted tremendous interest from Asian countries, citing surveys that indicate strong trader interest.

Despite this growth, major retail brokers have not yet ventured into prop trading, creating opportunities for pioneers like OANDA. She emphasized the impending need for regulation in the prop trading sector.

Lok stressed: "We believe that only companies focused on regulatory compliance and placing user interests and experiences at the center of their business models will survive the industry consolidation process."

Reference:Prop Trading Firm MyFlashFunding’s CEO Responds to Payout Concerns