Audacity Capital

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Established: 2012
Region: United Kingdom

Basic Introduction

Challenge Steps: Instant, 2-Step
Challenge Time: Unlimited
Minimum Trading Day: 4 days
Initial Profit: > 75 %
Instruments: Forex pairs, Indices, Metals
Features: Allow EA, allow news trading, refund challenge fees
Account Size:10K 15K 30K 60K 120K 240K
Challenge Fee: Instant:$329、$649、$2,399;2-Step:$129、$189、$339、$459、$779、$1,559

Other Introduction

Broker: Liquidity provider/own broker
Platform: MT4, MT5

Audacity Capital Overview

Founded in 2012, Audacity Capital is a proprietary trading company headquartered in the United Kingdom, focusing on providing traders with appropriate funds so that they can effectively use their trading skills. The company operates by employing proprietary traders as company contractors and sharing profits based on agreed percentages.

Audacity Capital's blueprint may include expanding its global influence, integrating more advanced trading technologies, and enhancing its education and support services. The company values trader responsibility and risk management as the basis of its philosophy.

Audacity Capital's approach is trader-centered and focuses on maximizing the success of traders. The company is committed to providing favorable trading conditions, such as time-limited challenges and competitive commissions, reflecting its dedication to the development and success of traders.

Audacity Capital cooperates with Tier 1 liquidity providers to have the best simulation of the real market trading environment.

Audacity Capital Features

  • Flexible Challenge Mode: 4 funding plans are provided, two of which are challenge evaluation (Ability, Funded), and the other two (Flex, Pro) are non-challenge funding plans (suitable for advanced traders)
  • Profit Split: Up to 85% of the profit sharing of Ability traders (starting from 75%)
  • Trading Instruments: Forex pairs, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and Derivatives
  • Leverage: Ability offers 1:100; Fudned Trader mode offers 1:30
  • Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5
  • Challenge Type: Ability Challenge is a 2-Step mode
  • Other Features: Fair evaluation, flexible trading conditions, weekend positions, news trading, and refundable fees after completing all stages of the challenge

Audacity Capital Rules-Ability Challenge, Funded Trader Program Model

#1 Time Limit: Unlimited

#2 Daily Drawdown: Ability stage 1 is 7.5%, stage 2 is 5%

#3 Maximum Drawdown: Ability stage 1 is 15%, stage 2 is 10%

#4 Shortest Trading Day: Ability needs to trade for at least 4 days

#5 Profit Target: Both stages of Ability are 10%; each stage of the Funded Trader Program is 10%

#6 Scaling Plan: Ability makes a profit of more than 2.5% per month and has at least one payout, and adjusts the account balance to a maximum of $2,000,000 USD on a quarterly basis

#7 Account Size Type: Provide various account sizes, suitable for different trading styles and levels

#8 Other Conditions: Including community support and educational resources, (overnight holdings are allowed, but news trading and weekend positions are not allowed; The Funded Trader Program requires an interview with the trader before determining whether the trader is qualified to manage the company's capital (you can interview the company by phone)

Audacity Capital Challenge Fee

Ability Challenge Mode

  • $10,000 USD account: $129 USD
  • $15,000 USD account: $189 USD
  • $30,000 USD account: $339 USD
  • $60,000 USD account: $459 USD
  • $120,000 USD account: $779 USD
  • $240,000 USD account: $1,559 USD

Audacity Capital_Ability Challenge

Funded Trader Program mode

‍Funded Tradar Program is a direct access to get funds, you can choose from accounts with $7,500, $15,000, and $60,000 USD.

  • $7,500 USD account: $329 USD
  • $15,000 USD account: $649 USD
  • $60,000 USD account: $2,399 USD


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