Glow Node

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Established: 2022
Region: United Kingdom

Basic Introduction

Challenge Steps: 1-Step, 2-Step
Challenge Time: Unlimited
Minimum Trading Day: 0 day
Initial Profit: > 80 %
Instruments: Major/Minor pairs, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies
Features: (Restrictive) Allow copy trading, allow news trading, allow weekend positions, refund challenge fees, customize account configuration
Account Size:10K 50K 100K 200K 25K
Challenge Fee: Customize the account configuration to determine the challenge fee

Other Introduction

Broker: Match Trade
Platform: Match Trader
Not Recommended Reason: The official website has simple information (hidden rules and risks)

Glow Node Overview

Glow Node is a proprietary trading company established in 2022 to support and improve the trading skills of the community. The company offers a series of challenges designed by traders, emphasizing flexibility and trader authorization. Glow Node has no time limit and no option to automatically create an account. It focuses on providing a trader-friendly environment.

The Glow Node blueprint may include expanding its challenge options, improving trading conditions, and developing more educational and analytical tools. The company is committed to helping skilled traders maximize their talents, which is evident in its funding and support methods.

Glow Node emphasizes the importance of risk management and consistency in trading, providing traders with the opportunity to earn up to 90% of their profits. The company's scale plan and profit distribution structure demonstrate its commitment to supporting the growth and success of traders.

Glow Node offers two unique funding programs, one-stage and two-stage assessments, and the option of customized one-step or two-step assessments.

They also have almost no restrictions on the style of traders, and can trade during news periods, hold trades overnight, and trade on weekends.

Glow Node Features

  • No Time Limit: Traders have unlimited time to complete their challenges
  • Free Instant Education: Provide educational resources to improve trading skills
  • Automatic Account Creation: Simplify the account setting process
  • Fast Payment: Provide traders with an efficient payment system
  • Customized Challenge Account: You can set your own parameters to match your own trading style
  • Trading Platform: Match Trader
  • Profit Sharing up to 90%: High profit sharing percentage of successful traders
  • Account Consolidation: Multiple accounts are allowed to be merged
  • Trading Restrictions: Certain rules apply to trading styles and techniques

Glow Node Rule - 1-step and 2-step modes

#1 Challenge Time: Unlimited for all evaluation accounts

#2 Daily Drawdown: The default for the maximum daily drawdown in one step is 4%; the default for the maximum daily drawdown in two steps is 5% (whether it is a one-step or two-step challenge account, the maximum daily drawdown can be customized)

#3 Maximum Drawdown: The default for the maximum drawdown in one step is 8%; the default for the maximum drawdown in two steps is 5% (whether it is a one-step or two-step challenge account, the maximum drawdown can be customized)

#4 Minimum Trading Day: No minimum trading day required

#5 Profit Target: The 1-step profit target is 10%; the 2-step challenge stage one is 8%, and stage two is 4%

#6 Scaling Plan: Reach the profit target of 10% or more within three months, and the account balance must be positive in the third month, you will receive the original account balance +30%

#7 Account Size: Provide account size from $10,000 USD to $200,000 USD

#8 Other Conditions: Including allowing copy trading, news trading, and holding positions on weekends

Glow Node Challenge Fee

1-step mode (default fee)

  • $10,000 USD account: $150 USD
  • $25,000 USD account: $300 USD
  • $50,000 USD account: $400 USD
  • $100,000 USD account: $600 USD
  • $200,000 USD account: $1,200 USD

2-step mode (default fee)

  • $10,000 USD account: $70 USD
  • $25,000 USD account: $140 USD
  • $50,000 USD account: $245 USD
  • $100,000 USD account: $350 USD
  • $200,000 USD account: $700 USD


1-step and 2-step account configuration can be customized

Provide customization of 1-step and 2-Step modes, and the account size is fixed at $10,000、$25,000、$50,000、$100,000、$200,000 USD account.

You can set the desired parameters by yourself, and the price will also change accordingly. The parameters that can be customized are:

  • Daily drawdown
  • Maximum drawdown