Oanda Labs

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Established: 2024
Region: Europe

Basic Introduction

Challenge Steps: 2-Step
Challenge Time: Limited
Minimum Trading Day: 0 day
Initial Profit: > 80 %
Instruments: Major/Minor pairs, Indices, Metals, Commodities
Features: (Restrictive) Copy trading is allowed, EA is allowed, news trading is allowed, weekend positions are allowed, and challenge fees are refunded
Account Size:10K 50K 100K 25K 188,888 250K 500K
Challenge Fee: 2-Step:$169、$249、$299、$399、$699、$888、$1,200、$2,400

Other Introduction

Broker: OANDA
Platform: MT4, MT5


Promo Code: BEAPRO
Discount: 25%
Limit: 2024/6/1~7/14

Discount offer only for 10K, 25K, 50K accounts

OANDA Labs Overview

OANDA Labs Trader started its business in 2024, registered as a company in Malta, and is part of OANDA Global Markets. ‍

OANDA Labs Trader is a Prop Firm facing the Chinese market, with resources provided by OANDA, a veteran broker behind it. ‍

OANDA Labs Trader attaches great importance to industry compliance and authenticity, and quotes are provided by OANDA brokers.

OANDA Labs Features

  • Challenge Mode: Provides a 2-Step challenge mode
  • Profit split: After customs clearance, the profit sharing is 80%. In addition, the profit sharing of the three new accounts is 88% (Lucky 888 account) and 90% (10K and Titanium X account).
  • Trading Platform: MT4, MT5
  • Trading Instruments: Major/Minor pairs, Indices, Metals, Stocks and other commoditiesDetailed products
  • Leverage: The 2-stage model provides 1:100
  • Account Size: 5 account sizes are available, ranging from a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $500,000.
  • Trading Environment: It is a new business of OANDA Group, A veteran Broker, and OANDA provides quotations
  • Other Features: Prop Firm for the Chinese and English markets, support for Mandarin Chinese

OANDA Labs More Rules

OANDA Labs Trader Rules- 2-Step

#1 Time Limit: 120 days for Stage 1, 120 days for Stage 2

#2 Daily Drawdown: 5%

#3 Maximum Drawdown: 10%

#4 Trading Days: No

#5 Profit Target: Stage 1 virtual profit is 8%, stage 2 virtual profit is 5%

#6 Other Conditions: Automatic trading (EA) is allowed, overnight positions are allowed; news trading is restricted (2 minutes before and after major news is prohibited), and copy trading is restricted (only OANDA Labs Tader is allowed to be set as the main account)


OANDA Labs Trader Challenge Fee - 2-Step


$10,000 USD account: $169 USD (10K)

$25,000 USD account: $249 USD (Titanium)

$25,000 USD account: $299 USD (Titanium X)

$50,000 USD account: $399 USD (Silver)

$100,000 USD account: $699 USD (Gold)

$188,888 USD account: $888 USD (Lucky 888)

$250,000 USD account: $1,200 USD (Platinum)

$500,000 USD account: $2,400 USD (Black Gold)