Smart Prop Trader

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Established: 2022
Region: United States

Basic Introduction

Challenge Steps: 2-Step
Challenge Time: Unlimited
Minimum Trading Day: 0 day
Initial Profit: > 85 %
Instruments: Major/Minor pairs, Indices, Metals, Commodities
Features: (Restrictive) Copy trading is allowed, EA is allowed, news trading is allowed, weekend positions are allowed, challenge fees are refunded, and free trial account is provided
Account Size:10K 50K 100K 25K
Challenge Fee:$97、$197、$297、$497

Other Introduction

Broker: ThinkMarkets
Platform: dxTrade, Match Trader

Smart Prop Trader Overview

Smart Prop Trader is a proprietary trading company headquartered in the United States. It was established in 2022 to enhance the capabilities of traders by providing large amounts of funds and high profit sharing. The purpose of the company is to provide traders with flexible and diverse trading conditions, catering to various trading styles and preferences.

Smart Prop Trader's blueprint may include expanding its funding options, improving trading conditions, and further developing its trader support and education resources. The company is committed to providing competitive plan pricing, trustworthy payment guarantees, and fast user journey, which shows that the company is committed to providing an excellent transaction experience.

Smart Prop Trader emphasizes the importance of risk management and transaction consistency, providing traders with opportunities of up to $2.5 million USD size. The company's scale plan and profit distribution structure demonstrate its commitment to supporting the growth and success of traders.

Smart Prop Trader uses ThinkMarkets as a partner broker.

Smart Prop Trader Features

  • Maximum Capital: Provide a trading account of up to 2.5 million US dollars
  • Profit Split: Up to 90% of the trader's profit sharing
  • Trading Instruments: Major/Minor pairs, Metals, Indices, Commodities
  • Leverage: up to 1:100
  • Drawdown Type: The maximum daily drawdown and total drawdown are based on the initial balance (static)
  • Trading Platform: dxTrade, Match Trader
  • Challenge Type: 2-Step evaluation challenge
  • Other Features: No minimum trading day and time limit, refundable fees, no part size limit, and a free practice account is also provided

Smart Prop Trader Rules

#1 Time Limit: Unlimited

#2 Daily Drawdown: 4%

#3 Maximum Drawdown: 8%

#4 Shortest Trading Day: There is no shortest trading day

#5 Profit Target: 7% in the first stage, 5% in the second stage

#6 Scaling Plan: After continuous profit every three months, the account will increase by 25% of the original account balance. Once the account balance reaches 28%, the maximum total drawdown will increase by 2% every 3 months.

#7 Account Size: Various account sizes are available, including $10,000 to $100,000 USD

#8 Other Conditions: You can trade during the news period, hold positions overnight and on weekends, but the Martingale strategy is prohibited

Smart Prop Trader Challenge Fee

  • $10,000 USD account: $97 USD
  • $25,000 USD account: $197 USD
  • $50,000 USD account: $297 USD
  • $100,000 USD account: $497 USD