Prop Firm UWM Reintroduces MetaTrader, Signaling Potential Industry Shift

Prop Firm UWM Reintroduces MetaTrader

After four months of turmoil in the proprietary trading industry due to MetaQuotes' license suspensions, prop trading firms are gradually reintroducing the MetaTrader platform. Union Wealth Management (UWM) is the latest company to join this trend, relaunching the platform favored by retail traders.

UWM announced on social media that MetaTrader 4 and 5 have been reintegrated into their product line, along with new trading challenges.

However, migration from other UWM-supported platforms to MetaTrader is not possible, as different brokers now handle MetaTrader operations.

UWM was among the prop firms that lost MetaTrader platform support in February when MetaQuotes began tightening control over prop companies, also banning U.S. users.

Many brokers that previously provided prop trading firms access terminated all agreements, fearing additional regulatory consequences, regardless of whether these firms served U.S. clients.

While some prop firms lost access to MetaQuotes platforms, others have now regained access through new partnerships.

Other prop firms, such as Goat Funded Trader (GFT), have successfully relaunched MetaTrader to their clients, According to this news reportedly through the implementation of "internal technology." While individual cases may not represent a widespread restoration of MT services among prop firms, a new trend is certainly emerging.

New Agreement with Eightcap?

According to information from international media (Finance Magnates), UWM may be offering MetaTrader 4 and 5 to its clients again through a "new deal based on updated agreements" with Eightcap.

Interestingly, Eightcap was allegedly one of the core brokers involved in the prop trading industry issues in February, when many firms reported that the company terminated services, forcing them to seek new partners or migrate to other platforms.

Under the new agreement, UWM appears to be merely an "introducer" for Eightcap, with the broker managing the prop trading challenges offered on the platform, as well as all deposits and payments.

A banner ad on one of the websites states, "Platform access for challengers is provided by Eightcap Global."

Reference:Prop Firm UWM Also Relaunches MetaTrader, Signaling Possible Industry Shift