E8 Funding

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Established: 2021
Region: United States

Basic Introduction

Challenge Steps: 2-Step, 3-Step
Challenge Time: Unlimited
Minimum Trading Day: 0 day
Initial Profit: > 80 %
Instruments: Major/Minor pairs, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies
Features: (Restrictive) Allow copy trading, allow EAS, allow news trading, allow weekend positions, provide practice accounts, and customize account configuration
Account Size:5K 10K 2K 2.5K 50K 6K 100K 200K 15K 20K 25K 30K 40K 60K 120K 150K 240K 250K 300K 400K
Challenge Fee: Customize the account configuration to determine the challenge fee

Other Introduction

Broker: Virtual Markets
Platform: MT5, Match Trader


Promo Code: REB8
Discount: 8 %

E8 Funding Overview

Established in 2021, E8 Funding provides innovative methods to provide opportunities for foreign exchange traders around the world. The company is not just a company, but also a community of traders who are keen to discover hidden talents. E8 Funding has developed a unique evaluation program and an easy-to-access trading platform that enables traders to learn, make money and trade remotely from any location in the world.

The E8 Funding blueprint may include expanding its innovation scale and overall withdrawal options, improving trading conditions, and developing more educational and analytical tools. The company's goal is to build long-term relationships with traders, which is reflected in its plan to expand account balances and withdraw every profit.

E8 Funding emphasizes education and support, providing free access to the E8 Academy, performance coaching, and multilingual customer support.

E8 Funding provides traders with two account types, two-step evaluation and three-step evaluation opportunities, while cooperating with Virtual Markets as its broker.

E8 Funding Features

  • Maximum Initial Balance: Up to $400,000 USD, can be expanded to more than 1 million USD
  • Trading Platform: MT5, Match Trader
  • Drawdown: Provide a unique risk adjustment plan, the drawdown can be expanded by up to 14%
  • Minimum Trading Day: There is no minimum trading day requirement during the evaluation phase
  • Account Scalnig: Traders have the opportunity to increase their balance with each payout
  • Payment: Eligible for the first payment 8 days after successfully managing the account
  • Innovative Expansion and Increase of Overall Drawdown: The plan can increase account balance and overall drawdown through each profit earned

E8 Funding More Rules

E8 Funding Rules - E8 Account and E8 Track modes

#1 Challenge Time: Unlimited

#2 Daily Drawdown: 5%

#3 Maximum Drawdown: 8%

#4 Minimum Trading Day: No minimum trading day required

#5 Profit Target: The virtual profit in the first stage of the E8 Account model is 8%, and the virtual profit in the second stage is 5%

#6 Scaling Plan: Innovate and expand and increase the overall drawdown of each profit

#7 Account Size Type: Provide account sizes of $25,000 USD, $50,000 USD, $100,000 USD, and $200,000 USD

#8 Other Conditions: Including swap-free options, weekend trading, and the use of expert advisors and copy trading

E8 Funding Challenge Fee

E8 Account mode

  • $25,000 USD account: $228 USD
  • $50,000 USD account: $338 USD
  • $100,000 USD account: $588 USD
  • $200,000 USD account: $988 USD

E8 Track mode

  • $25,000 USD account: $138 USD
  • $50,000 USD account: $208 USD
  • $100,000 USD account: $358 USD
  • $200,000 USD account: $598 USD